Tips and Tricks to Preserve Household Energy in Summer

Inexpensive and simple strategies can help you save money and energy during the warm summer months. While we all look forward for the great summer nights and warmer weather, higher energy bills aren’t welcomed. Before you crank down another 10 degrees on your air conditioning, look at these tips and tricks to preserve household energy in Summer and your pocket will surely thank you!

Replace your outdated HVAC unit

If your home is over 15 years old, it might be time to consider buying a new unit that’s more energy efficient. Also consider replacing your unit even if you’ve lived in your house for a shorter time, but in extreme climate areas like desert communities. Look for units with energy approved standards and which cost less to run. This may differ depending on your physical location.

Keep away the hot sun out of your house 

Pull your window treatments in times of the day when it is very hot, or when leaving your home to block out warm rays. Your air conditioning unit won’t have to work as hard and your interior spaces are going to feel cooler.

Alternate cooking methods 

Instead of using your oven every day, consider grilling or using your microwave outside this summer. Using your oven every day heats your interiors more and therefore requires your air cooling system to work longer and harder. If you need to use your oven inside the house, consider doing so during the morning hours when the outside is cooler and when may not need to use your air conditioning system.

Take shorter and cooler showers

When taking a shower during summer months, turn down the water temperatures to low levels to save energy. Also, decrease the amount of time you stay in the shower in order to save your hot water usage. Have a tankless water heater to enable you heat water only when you need it, as opposed to heating an entire water tank that sits in your garage, utility space or basement.

Spend more time outdoors 

Summertime is an ideal excuse to go out and have fun! From getting exercise or having a picnic outdoors to swimming in community pools, spending less time in your home will greatly help in bringing down your energy consumption bills. While you cannot spend every hour outdoors, the months of summer ought to push you more to the outdoors.

There are plenty of ways to preserve household energy in summer, play your part in making the warmer months enjoyable for you and your loved ones, and by maintaining your energy consumption to lower levels for the sake of your pocket too!